About us

Stellar Winery, situated at Kys Halte in the Western Cape, boasts unique wines. Our cool-climate vineyards, located close to the Atlantic Ocean, adds to the unique characteristics of our wine. We are the largest producer of fine, organic, fair trade wines in South Africa, and the largest global producer of no-added-sulphur wines. We export wine to European, Asian, African and North American markets. Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We strive to continually break new ground in both winemaking and social development.

“Stellar has built a reputation for doing business with integrity, of finding new ways to work and live together, and of building something bigger than all of us. This remains our philosophy”.

– Willem Rossouw, Managing Director


Socially Conscious & Organic

We source organic grapes from independent farms that are part of the Stellar Multi-Estate. These farms, along with our cellar, are Fair Trade certified by Ecocert/IMO Fair for Life, and our wines are certified organic by Ecocert SA. We seek to produce quality wine that is sustainable and in a way that has a limited environmental impact. Our production of wine respects all natural systems and cycles.

We also care about those who work for us and strive to improve the living and working conditions of our farmworkers. To make this a reality we have launched many developmental initiatives. These include the Stellar Empowerment Trust, Stellar Agri and The Stellar Foundation.

Stellar Foundation

The Stellar Foundation is a registered non-profit- and public benefit organisation. It aims to improve the lives of all workers on the Stellar Multi-Estate. It also serves as the entity through which our developmental initiatives takes place.

Stellar Agri

Stellar Agri is the farming arm of Stellar Winery. It is a black-owned company with 63,74% employee ownership. The vision for Stellar Agri is to sustainably deliver high-quality products. It also creates job opportunities for more than 80 workers.

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All our wines are organic, vegan-friendly and fair trade.
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